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Fishing vessel crews, Seychelles

When scheduled flights were compromised during the Covid-19 pandemic, a Spanish travel agent asked Air Charter Service to arrange a charter to transfer crew to and from tuna fishing vessels in the Seychelles. The Spanish ship owners had originally been invited to share a charter with a group of French ship owners, however due to contract issues and problems with coronavirus testing in France they decided to charter their own flight with us instead.

Route: Madrid > Mahe > Madrid and Ivory Coast > Mahe > Ivory Coast

Aircraft: Boeing B787-8, Airbus A320


Due to the pandemic, only direct flights were permitted to the Seychelles. Our team worked tirelessly to secure the necessary permits for the flights to go ahead, using our strong contacts with the Seychelles authorities to secure clearance. We sourced a Boeing B787-8 to fly 65 crewmembers on a round-trip from Madrid to the Seychelles and an Airbus A320 to complete a similar changeover with 60 crewmembers from the Seychelles to the Ivory Coast, leaving enough time to test all passengers before their flights departed.


Global Network: Our internationals team worked well together to source the aircraft and secure permission for the flights to go ahead. The Johannesburg team offered a lot of assistance and local knowledge, which was especially helpful.

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