We had to overcome complex logistics to win the contract for a cryptocurrency company’s multi-stop business trip around the world.

Planning a multi-stop cryptocurrency charter

In April 2022, a cryptocurrency company asked us to arrange flights for a multi-stop international business trip. The client wanted to use the same aircraft for the whole trip, but logistical obstacles at one of the airports meant we needed to come up with an alternative solution. Facing fierce competition from other charter brokers, our expert team worked tirelessly to source the best quote for the client’s budget and secure the contract.

Our Solution

Route: Global route with stops in Singapore, the Bahamas, Los Angeles and Norway

Aircraft: Bombardier Global 6000 and Learjet 45

We sourced an ultra-long range Bombardier Global 6000 that could easily cover the distance in each sector, but the heavy jet couldn’t land on the short runway at Molde in Norway, so we suggested using the Global 6000 for the main legs and a smaller aircraft for the Norwegian domestic flights. Once the client had approved this alternative solution, we found a mid-size Learjet 45 and drafted in a pilot with the specialist training required to land in Molde.

The Finer Details

Bespoke Pricing: Instead of packaging the flights together, we offered several quotes for each sector of this complex trip. This allowed the client to compare the different options available before selecting those that best suited their budget and requirements.

Specialist Solutions: Despite a host of complexities such as runway restrictions and limited aircraft availability, our experienced team came up with a tailor-made solution for this multi-stop charter within a few hours of the request coming in.

Buying Power: We fought off stiff competition to win this charter contract, impressing the client with our round-the-clock service, flexibility and personalised solutions.


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