With so many new customers flying by private jet, we take a look at the benefits of charting a private aircraft.

The benefits of flying by private jet

While much of the aviation industry struggled during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the private jet market remained robust amidst disrupted commercial services and growing demand for bio-bubbles.

“We’ve received lots of enquiries from people who’d never flown privately before over the last 24 months, with many becoming repeat clients after experiencing the benefits first-hand,” says Georgie Heron, Director of Transformation at ACS London. “This trend has endured and we’re still seeing increased demand for first-time charterers, despite border restrictions relaxing and scheduled services resuming.”

While you may be thinking about chartering a private jet to get away from the crowds or avoid the uncertainty of commercial flights, there are so many more benefits to flying private.


Personalised round-the-clock service

With ACS, the exclusivity of private jet travel begins as soon as you make a no-obligation inquiry. We know our customers prefer speaking with a real person to using a digital app, so every client enjoys round-the-clock service from a dedicated account manager. Having a direct line to one expert means you won’t be asked to repeat details every time you call.

Your account manager is on-hand 24/7 to guide you through the chartering process, from choosing the right aircraft to ensuring you have the correct documentation to fly. And don’t worry if your plans change – each charter is timed to suit you and we can quickly amend the flight schedule, free of the delays and cancellations that often plague commercial flights.

Crowd-free private terminal at the airport

While first class customers enjoy access to exclusive airport lounges and quicker check-in, screening and customs services, they still have to deal with busy airport terminals, security queues and long walks to their departure gates. And although they’re invited to board first, they still have to wait for other passengers to embark before take-off and can’t get their luggage from the carousel until everyone’s got off the plane.

By contrast, private jet passengers avoid airport crowds altogether by taking off from a private terminal, also known as a fixed base operator (FBO). This means you can turn up as little as 10 minutes before your flight and head straight through security to board and take off. There’s often a concierge to handle check-in and luggage, along with an express security and customs service. You could even be driven straight onto the tarmac!

Superior onboard experience

There’s no doubt first class cabins are luxurious, with many boasting beds, showers, bars and private chefs. So why are so many first class customers choosing to charter a private jet instead? Many want the total privacy of having the entire plane to themselves, along with the  freedom to order specific entertainment and tailored menus to enjoy on board.

Additionally, most private jets can accommodate pets in the cabin and have greater luggage capacity for bulky items like skis and golf clubs. Interiors often top first-class cabins with flexible configurations and bespoke designs, while business clients can choose a jet with tables, audio-visual equipment and conferencing facilities for confidential meetings.

Unrivalled convenience and flexibility

While commercial flights are subject to strict schedules, private jets can accommodate last-minute changes to the route or passenger list and your aircraft will wait if you’re running late. Many private aircraft can also land at thousands of smaller airports that commercial liners can’t access, getting you closer to your final destination with no time-consuming layovers and connecting flights.

If you need to visit several places within a short time-frame, such as on a corporate roadshow, we can tailor your schedule rather than working around less frequent, fixed commercial services. You’ll also save time on the ground as you won’t have to arrive hours before your flight, making private jet charters perfect for time-critical businesses.

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