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The most expensive private jet in the world

Flying by private jet is always a luxury, no matter the size of the aircraft. But the best private jet money can buy is extraordinarily fabulous – and extraordinarily expensive. The cost of a private plane can range from a couple million dollars for a pre-owned light jet to half a billion dollars for the very top-of-the-line.

So what’s at the top of the line? The the most expensive private jet in the world isn’t just big for a private jet, it’s the largest passenger airliner in the sky: the Airbus A380. For just over $400 million, you can have one all to yourself.

The Airbus A380 as a commercial aircraft

The iconic Airbus A380 is a double-decker airliner capable of carrying as many as 800 passengers. The current list price of this colossal aircraft is $432.6 million. Emirates is the largest supporter of the Airbus A380, with over 100 in its fleet, and the airline has showcased the potential of the commercial A380 with first class offerings among the finest in the industry. The Emirates A380 features an upstairs bar and lounge, opulent first class suites and a luxurious shower spa.

But it’s not just the size that makes the Airbus A380 special. The aircraft boasts relatively low fuel consumption as well as reduced carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Thanks to its advanced wind and landing gear design, the A380 is also quieter than most aircraft, allowing it to land at airports with strict noise regulations.

Despite all its merits, the Airbus A380 has proved to be slow-selling as a commercial airliner. With over 500 seats, the plane can be hard to fill which often ends up costing the airline. As smaller, easier-to-fill models have improved in recent years, these have become more attractive to airlines.

The Airbus A380 as a private jet

However, travelers with the budget to spare on an incredibly luxurious private jet have no need to worry about filling their Airbus A380. With the original Airbus A380s nearing the end of their 10-year commercial leases, resellers are hoping to see the planes take on new lives as ultra-luxurious private jets.

At the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in May 2017, resell firm Sparfell & Partners announced it will be refitting and marketing four Airbus A380s to private jet customers. The aircraft are currently laid out in a 471-seat configuration and are likely from the fleet of Singapore Airlines, who recently announced they won’t be renewing their leases on four A380s.

According to an interview with aviation intelligence company FlightGlobal, Sparfell & Partners plans to convert three of the four aircraft into a VVIP layout with two options. The first option is a VVIP conversion on the upper deck with an airline configuration on the lower deck, and the second is a VVIP configuration on both decks. London’s Winch Design has been tasked with transforming the A380 from a commercial airliner into an ultra-luxurious private jet.

While the A380 has the potential to bring the private jet to new heights, this fantasy has yet to become a reality. Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal-al Saud made headlines in 2007 when he ordered an Airbus A380 as his personal plane. Reports circulated that the prince planned to outfit the plane with 20 staterooms, a marble Turkish hammam, parking space for his Rolls-Royce and electronic prayer mats that automatically turned towards Mecca. However, the deal on the never went through and the A380 was sold to another buyer.

While a superjumbo jet certainly sounds fabulous, you don’t need to buy an Airbus A380 to fly in style. Contact us at Air Charter Service to arrange a private jet charter and we’ll help you decide which plane is the right fit for your journey.

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