How you spend your money comes down to choice of price and products, and a buyer’s experience that’s as pain-free as possible. So why should travel be any different? Private jet charter offers a choice of flight destinations, aircraft type, a variety of travel products and experiences that are all unmatched by commercial air travel.

The Rising Popularity of Private Jet Charter

How you spend your money comes down to choice of price and products, and a buyer’s experience that’s as pain-free as possible. So why should travel be any different? Private jet charter offers a choice of flight destinations, aircraft type, a variety of travel products and experiences that are all unmatched by commercial air travel.

It’s no different in the private jet charter space. Renting a private jet is becoming more about lifestyle and less about money as luxury private jets take to the skies more often with each year that goes by. The reason? They allow us to explore the world like no other means of transport, while more easily accessible cheap private jet flights bring all the benefits of private jet rental within the reach of many more individuals who do not fall into the ultra-rich category. If you aren’t clued up on private jet charter, here are five very good reasons why this means of travel could one day be as commonplace as smartphones and laptops.

We’re making more money, quicker than ever before

Private jet sunset
Private jet sunset

The forecast from Knight Frank’s The Wealth Report 2018, is that the number of ultra-wealthy (individuals with a net value of more than $50 million) will grow 43% between 2017 and 2022. While the number of wealthy individuals is increasing, their average age is decreasing.

In 2018, billionaires under the age of 40 on Forbes’ list of the world's richest increased to 63 from 56 individuals the year before.

It’s not only the world’s wealthiest who enjoy travelling on luxury private jets. Another dynamic that’s fueling private jet rental is the growing micro-celebrity culture that promotes aspirational lifestyles. Micro-celebrities are usually beauty bloggers, travel vloggers and cyberstars who can boast upwards of 100 million online followers. A new expression that’s doing the rounds is: “You are not rich until you can fly on a private jet without posting a picture.”

As the number of ultra-wealthy and micro-celebrities increases, the demand for private jet charter will continue to be on the up-and-up. Celebrity designer Marc Jacobs says: “I’d love to have a private jet. I know people who fly by private jet all the time. I’ve hitched a ride a few times and it is not overrated at all; it’s a great way to travel!”

It’s getting cheaper to rent a private jet

Private jet costs may be more affordable than you think. Empty legs are a great way to access cheap private jet flights. This is an aviation term for a private jet that flies without passengers. When passengers are dropped off at their destination and the plane returns to its home base empty, or when it must fly empty to pick up passengers at another airport, this is an empty leg. Empty leg flights can shave up to 75 percent off the regular private jet price. You can either subscribe to an email or app alert, sign-up for a newsletter, or speak to an empty legs specialist about your preferred routes and the dates you’re most likely to travel.

Travel dates and times also affect the price you’ll pay for private jet hire so speak to a charter expert about the difference in private jet costs when you fly on a Sunday as opposed to a Monday (it’s usually more expensive to travel on a Friday and Sunday). Keep in mind that the time or day of the year you choose to fly also affects the cost of a private jet charter. Expensive times to fly are holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and other high-fly periods like summer vacations. Plan ahead if you can. If you need a private jet charter put together within seven days of departure, you’ll be charged a premium.

Also, travel with a group if possible. This will determine the type of aircraft you will travel on which can benefit you in two ways: A larger group will spread the cost on a light to mid-size jet, whereas a smaller group allows you to book a very light and less expensive jet or helicopter.

Another aspect affecting private jet charter cost, is whether you plan to charter a private jet for a single journey (from a major airport to a remote destination), a return trip (to a single destination and back again), or a multi-leg journey (which would allow you to access multiple destinations without having to make alternative arrangements for car hire, buses, taxis or ferries between destinations).

Speak to a charter expert about the product innovations that have been brought to market in recent years that make renting a private jet more affordable, like a short-haul air taxi service or jet card that offers you a range of private jet charter benefits.

Private jet charter makes business sense

Private jet for business
Private jet for business

An increasing number of successful companies are seeing the value in private jet travel for business purposes. Scarce-knowledge resources and strategic skills can be transported to where they’re needed most in the shortest time possible, and transaction teams can be quickly flown to acquisitions or alliance opportunities. But private jet rental doesn’t only benefit larger corporations; the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of private jet hire allows businesses of varying sizes to compete in a real-time marketplace.

Another benefit is increased employee productivity. A General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) report found that corporate jet charter passengers on average spent two-thirds of their time working during a flight while one-third of the time they spent engaging with colleagues or customers. Private jet charter also delivers flexibility, predictability, and management control of scheduling with the GAMA/NBAA (National Business Aviation Association), noting that private jet travelers reported that 52% of the business aviation flights they took allowed them to keep business schedules that could not be met efficiently using scheduled airlines, or other types of transportation.

Organizations are also able to hire a private cargo charter to safely transport vital tools and materials that cannot be carried aboard airlines.

An additional service offered by private jet charter companies is professional aircraft management for companies that already own their own private aircraft. This can include hiring flight personnel and organising catering, to overseeing compliance and maintenance of a private jet or fleet of aircraft.

A private jet rental gets you exactly where you want to go

Not only can private jet charters reach hundreds of smaller airports and airfields that are not serviced by commercial airlines, but they are also able to transport private passengers in helicopters or very light jets to remote places or areas that are hard to reach. One of the fastest growing areas of tourism is what’s being called wellness tourism. This is when people travel to take part in activities that promote health and wellbeing – so anything from rock climbing to visiting an organic farm. Wellness travel has begun to draw people away from the cities to less touristy locations and this trend is likely to see an increasing demand for smaller, private aircraft that can easily access these remote places and set tourists down at nearby private airports or airfields.

The growing popularity of renting a private jet has seen an annual $38 million investment by the Airport Capital Assistance Program (ACAP), for runway upgrades, airfield lighting, electrical systems and snow removal equipment at a number of small airports.

There are even times when private jet rental saves lives. When natural disasters ground commercial airlines, or humanitarian aid, medicines and critical personnel are needed in hard-to-reach places, private jet charter is a lifeline to communities in crisis. It’s estimated that around 15,000 humanitarian missions are flown each year.

You can avoid all the hassle of commercial air travel

business jet interior sunset
business jet interior sunset

Rent a private jet and you won’t have to deal with the time-wasting frustrations of commercial air travel. For starters, you get to arrive at the airport just before your private jet rental is due to depart and you won’t have to wait in long queues before boarding.

You’ll be able to take along loads of luggage, and your plush airplane seat has plenty of room for your elbows and knees. You can even take along an animal companion. The food and drink on luxury private jets is several levels above commercial airline food (Instagram good, in fact) with not a plastic knife or fork in sight. You can even get a good night’s sleep, and enjoy the latest in-flight entertainment and superior onboard connectivity (you definitely don’t want to be cut off from email and social media when you’re flying in a private jet). All this means not only a luxuriously pleasant journey, but you’ll reach your destination refreshed and ready for business or adventure.

So what is a charter flight and how can you rent one?

A private jet charter is the hiring of a private airplane through a specialized charter company. The company does all the hard work for you. All you do is pay for your charter, pitch up on the day, board, enjoy the flight, and reach your destination in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.

Renting a private jet is simpler than you think. Choose a private jet charter company in Canada that’s been around for a while and has a solid reputation like Air Charter Service. Speak to our team about the benefits of private jet hire, or you can get an instant price estimate as a starting point. Remember, there are also a number of options open to you for flexible, cost-effective jet charter, like empty legs or a jet card that offers you a range of benefits.

You’ll be walked through the process of chartering a private jet by your very own account manager who’ll give you the personalized attention you’d expect of a luxury air travel experience. After your initial enquiry your personal charter expert will send you a selection of quotes to choose from. Each quote will have a clear breakdown of airplanes and airports as well as the reasons they’ve been selected for you. When choosing an airplane, your account manager will narrow down your best options from the wide range of aircraft available to you. This advice is always based on your needs and requirements when assisting you with your final decision.

Should you wish to go ahead, your account manager will book the private jet charter and send you the flight details. This includes directions to the terminal and any other important information related to your private jet rental.

Your personal account manager will be your first point of call for any further enquiries you may have up to the flight and, if possible, they will meet you at the terminal. From the time of your initial quote, you will be able to contact your account manager 24/7.

Intrigued to find out more about private jet charter in Canada? Speak to our team who will take you through the various options available to meet your specific needs for an air travel experience unmatched in comfort, luxury and convenience.

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