• Passengers 8

The Learjet 35 is one of Bombardier’s most successful light jets and remains one of the fastest in its category on the private jet charter market.

About this aircraft

  • Produced from 1973 to 1993, the Learjet 35 is still one of the most recognisable Learjet models.
  • Up to eight passengers can travel in the cabin.
  • The baggage hold is large enough for one suitcase per passenger.
  • The Learjet 35 is renowned for its range – it can fly up to 2,056 miles nonstop – and also has good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn and fast cruise speeds.
  • The upgraded 35A model was introduced in 1976, with a higher fuel capacity that boosted the aircraft’s maximum range to 2,789 miles.

The Learjet 35 and 35A are iconic light jets with a production run that spanned over two decades. Both are renowned for their superb ranges, fast speeds and comfortable cabins.

Interior design

At almost 13 feet long, 4ft 9in wide and 4ft 3in tall, the Learjet 35’s cabin has room for up to eight passengers. The most popular configuration is a club four or five at the rear, a club two at the front and another seat by the door.

The seats have plenty of room to swivel and recline and there are five windows along each side of the cabin, along with ample headspace when moving around onboard.

With about 40 cubic feet of storage available, passengers can bring up to eight standard suitcases. Another popular feature in the typical configuration is a mini-bar located in the middle of the cabin.

There are various configurations found on a Bombardier Learjet 35, below is a typical example.

Interesting facts to learn before you fly

  • There’s no interior lavatory on a Learjet 35 or 35A, but the 36A usually has one.
  • The Learjet 36 is almost identical to the 35, but has a larger fuselage fuel tank for around 500 miles of extra range and a smaller passenger area.
  • Its relatively low weight and two powerful engines mean the Learjet 35 can land on short runways at regional airports, making it a popular medevac aircraft when configured for 2-4 passengers.
  • It’s particularly well-known for its high cruise speeds, saving valuable time for travellers with tight schedules.

Technological features

The Learjet 35 and 35A are powered by two Honeywell TFE731-2-2B engines for low fuel burn and high cruise speeds. The original instrumentation system featured analogue displays, but digital flight deck upgrades are now available following advances in technology.

Non-upgraded models come with a Collins avionics system with navigation, communication and ident radios. Optional equipment includes an electronic flight information system that features right- and left-side primary flight displays, a large centre multi-function display, a colour weather radar and a flight management system.


The Learjet 35 started out as the Learjet 25BGF, a variant of the Learjet 25 that would be 13 inches longer and powered by twin Garret Fan engines. When test flights revealed the new model produced much more power and less noise than its predecessor, it underwent further design improvements and was upgraded to the Learjet 35.

The Learjet 35 is renowned in the light jet market for its speed and range. It remains a popular charter jet today thanks to its ability to travel non-stop across much of the United States.


Bombardier Aviation, formally Bombardier Aerospace, designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation products for the business, commercial and specialised aircraft markets and began with several acquisitions of already established aviation manufacturers and companies. First in line was the acquisition of Canadair in 1986 and, once the company's profitability was restored, Bombardier acquired Short Brothers aircraft manufacturing company based in Northern Ireland in 1989, followed closely by the acquisitions of the American company, Learjet, in 1990 and the Boeing subsidiary, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, in 1992.

Now, with over 60,000 employees, Bombardier Inc. is a global leader in the transportation industry, creating innovative and original aircraft and trains. Its products and services provide world-class transportation experiences that set new standards in passenger comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and safety. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Bombardier has production and engineering sites in 25 countries across Transportation, Business Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft and Aerostructures and Engineering Services.


A Learjet 35 in good condition costs around USD$8 million.

Charter rates

The price of chartering a Learjet 35 varies depending on the length of your journey and the airports you’re flying into and out of.

Wet lease rates

There are a range of ACMI wet lease rates for the Learjet 35 depending on the aircraft’s age, lease term length, number of guaranteed block hours and average cycle ratio.

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Key details

  • Aircraft type Light Jets
  • Passengers 8
  • Cruise speed 774 km/h / 481 mph
  • Range 3,309 km / 2,056 miles


  • Luggage space 40ft3
  • Enclosed lavatory No
  • Flight attendant Yes
  • Pressurised cabin Yes

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