• Passengers 12

The Cessna Citation XLS+ (also known as the Citation Excel Plus) is one of the world’s best-selling business jets, offering a winning combination of cabin comfort, size and engine performance.

About this aircraft

  • A key reason for the Citation XLS+’s popularity is its great short-runway performance, well-designed midsize cabin, and light jet operating economics.
  • The aircraft can be configured to seat 12, but the standard configuration seats seven or eight passengers.
  • Travellers can travel with around 17 pieces of luggage, which is enough for one suitcase and one carry-on per person if eight passengers are flying.
  • The Citation XLS+ can fly for up to four hours (depending on load and flying conditions), completing routes like Switzerland to London and New York to Miami.
  • Derived from the popular Citation XLS, the aircraft features Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines for increased thrust and performance.
  • The subsequent XLS Gen2 model features new ergonomically designed leather seats, enhanced lighting and updated cabin technology.

An upgrade from the XLS, the XLS+ continues its predecessor's incredible offering. With its spacious interior, seating for up to 12 people, generous luggage space, advanced performance and ability to access short runways, it’s no wonder it remains one of the world’s most popular private jets for individuals and businesses alike.

Interior design

While short-runway performance, range and durability are obviously important, the XLS+’s biggest draw is arguably its largest-in-class cabin. The fully-reclining padded leather seats are up to four inches wider than normal and feature dual DVD players, individual seat monitors and moving maps so passengers can track flight progress. Foldaway tables, sliding headrests and built-in drinks holders are ideal for creating a workspace setup.

The jet is often configured to include a side-facing couch and has plenty of closet space for hanging suits and jackets. There’s a lavatory towards the rear and the galley usually has a microwave, wine caddy, ice drawer and hot liquid tank for preparing food and drink.

Large windows maximise natural light and indirect LED lighting gives a natural ambience. Triple-pane windows and a triple-sealed entry door keep the cabin quiet and draft-free.

Below is a typical configuration of a Cessna Citation XLS+.

Interesting facts to learn before you fly

  • While you might find other aircraft in this class that perform better in one or two categories, the XLS+’s all-round runway performance, speed, range, altitude, fuel efficiency and comfort make it an ever-popular choice for private jet charters.
  • The XLS+ is one of the largest mid-size jets and offers generous head-and-shoulder room, allowing passengers to move and stretch out with ease.
  • Ample luggage capacity gives it an edge if you’re flying with lots of bags, compared to competitors with no external baggage space like the Hawker 850 and 900XP.

Technological features

The Citation XLS+ has a number of advanced technological features. Its Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 integrated avionics system has four EFIS LCD displays and the FMS-3000 flight management system includes weather navigation, airport diagrams and diagnostics.

Pilots can access satellite imagery using NEXRAD overlays and view temporary flight restrictions in real time, with images and data available at all altitudes. Many Citation XLS+ jets also have an onboard entertainment system, Wi-Fi and telecommunications system.


The Cessna Citation XLS+ launched in 2008 as an upgrade on the Citation XLS, boasting upgraded engines and an improved nose.

The line began back in 1994 with the Citation Excel, which drew inspiration from predecessors including the Citation II, Citation III and Citation V to blend a light jet’s runway performance with a spacious and comfortable stand-up cabin.


Cessna is a general aviation manufacturer based in Kansas that’s been in operation since 1927. The company was established by farmer and mechanic Clyde V. Cessna, who assembled his first plane from a kit using his own water-cooled engines. Cessna became famous for manufacturing small piston-powered aircraft for private and business use.

In 1940, Cessna signed a contract to produce 33 Cessna T-50s for the US Army and later made 180 for the Canadian Air Force. The company expanded to manufacture corporate jets and has since become the industry’s leading private jet manufacturer. Its Citation XLS range is one of the most popular on the market.

In 1985, Cessna was bought by General Dynamics, before being purchased 10 years later by Textron, a global aerospace, security, defence and technology conglomerate that specialises in creating bespoke mission-specific jets for the government, military and commercial customers. Today, Cessna produces turboprops, pistons and private jets.


A used 10-year-old XLS+ in good condition retails for around $5.8 million (USD).

Charter rates

Charter rates for the Cessna Citation XLS+ can vary greatly depending on the length of the journey you have planned and the airports you decide to fly in and out of. If you’d like to book a private charter flight on the XLS+, contact our team today. For information on other charter jets, browse our list of available private aircraft.

Wet lease rates

ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) wet lease rates for the XLS+ can vary depending on the age of the aircraft, length of the lease term, the number of block hours being guaranteed and the average cycle ratio.

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Key details

  • Aircraft type Mid Size Jets
  • Passengers 12
  • Cruise speed 817 KM/H / 508 MPH
  • Range 3889 KM / 2417 Miles


  • Luggage space 2.6m³ - 90.4ft³
  • Enclosed lavatory Yes
  • Flight attendant Yes
  • Pressurised cabin Yes

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