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Private Jet Charter to Al Ula


Al Ula

Private jet charter and flights to Al Ula

The quiet desert town of Al Ula is the gateway to a whole host of natural rock formations and ancient landmarks, including the incredible World Heritage Site of Madain Saleh. Think Petra, without the crowds. Here, over 130 tombs rise out of the golden desert, with elegant facades carefully carved into the rock faces.

So far, this archaeological hot spot has largely been closed off to tourists, but its official opening to the public in October 2020 means that this is a great time to visit – and a private charter is the ideal way to get there. Air Charter Service can help you charter flights to Al Ula and take all the hassle out of your journey.

In the north-west Saudi Arabian desert, 200 miles north of Medina, the Al Ula governorate is relatively unknown among tourists. Yet it’s home to one of the most fascinating and best preserved lost kingdoms on earth.

Madain Saleh is the second largest Nabatean city, after world-famous Petra in neighbouring Jordan. Once a bustling city along an ancient trade route, it now lies relatively unvisited and much of the city has been reclaimed by the desert, but over 130 rock-hewn tombs have been uncovered to offer a remarkable insight into this lost kingdom. Some of the most impressive structures include those at Al Khuraymat – where you can see gynosphinx and the Aj Mahjar tombs – and the free-standing Qasr Farid, which is particularly stunning at sunset.

Other attractions are the aptly-named Elephant Rock and Mushroom Rock, the mud houses of the Old City and many date farms. There are lots of examples of early rock inscriptions in the region, too. One of the best things to do in Al Ula is to take a hot-air balloon ride over the desert landscape at sunrise to really appreciate the vast scale here. There are also a handful of unique dining experiences thanks to pop-up restaurants in the desert that offer a real sense of place while you taste the local flavours.

The town of Al Ula itself is about to go through some changes. The Saudi government have grand plans to open up a selection of high-end restaurants and luxury hotels over the next few years to turn this remarkable cultural region into an exclusive tourist destination.

If you’re planning a trip to Al Ula, it’s worth noting that the historic sites aren’t open year-round and at present tourists can only visit during the Winter at Tantora Festival, which offers an immersive cultural experience. The sites are expected to open year-round from October 2020, but it’s best to check with us at the time of booking your private jet charter.

Air Charter Service can help you charter flights to Al Ula from the UK or other destinations in Arabia. The closest airport for private jets is Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Domestic Airport, which is around 15 miles south of the town. We have offices worldwide so why not contact our team who can arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Al Ula.

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