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Private Jet Charter to Whitsunday Islands


Whitsunday Islands

Private jet charter and flights to Whitsunday Islands

Scattered between the Queensland coast and the Great Barrier Reef are the 74 islands of the Whitsundays. This paradise archipelago is one of the top must-stop spots on Australia’s well-trodden East Coast touring route. People flock here from around the world to walk trails across emerald isles, snorkel off the deserted white-sand beaches and sedately sail from island to island and anchor off the untouched bays of deserted islands. Experience it all, charter a private jet today. 

The largest of the 70+ islands and islets – and the island the entire archipelago is named after – is Whitsunday. This wonderfully rugged spot is not to be missed, and rarely is by the many multi-night sailing trips that depart from Airlie Beach over on the mainland or people staying on nearby islands – this is one of the most visited places along Australia’s entire East Coast. While the trails pass through the verdant forest that covers the island, the main draw is Whitehaven Beach.

The swirling and super-soft sands and almost impossibly blue waters that spill out of Hill Inlet create an image that’s graced plenty of magazine and travel supplement covers. The best view of the beach and its emerald-green backdrop can be enjoyed from the lofty Hill Inlet lookout that can be reached by hiking a track that’s just under a mile long. Down at sea level you can feel how incredibly soft the sand is and paddle in the crystal clear sea while during a helicopter or seaplane flight you can get an unforgettable bird’s-eye view.

Just off the northern tip of Whitsunday is the second biggest isle: Hook Island.  Most of the land is protected as part of the national park and the island is fringed by some wonderfully sheltered bays and fjord-lite like inlets; each evening, you’ll find a few yachts anchored off shore having found their overnight spot and their inhabitants kayaking, swimming or snorkelling in the welcoming waters. Two of the top spots include Maureen’s Cove – a great place to explore the underwater world – and Nara Inlet with its seasonal waterfall, freshwater pool and the rock wall paintings at the Ngaro Aboriginal cultural site. If you’re visiting Hook Island between June to September, you may even spot humpback whales in the Whitsunday Passage.

There are only four islands where you can find hotels, resorts or other comfortable places to stay on terra firma. The most famous of these is undoubtedly Hamilton Island. This upmarket resort destination is the most developed spot in the archipelago and is the go-to destination for people seeking a supremely comfortable base from which to explore. There are beaches, bays and a verdant interior that’s been left pretty much as nature intended, and there are plenty of activities on offer whether you’re staying at Qualia – one of the very few Luxury Lodges of Australia – at the adults-only Beach Club or in one of the spectacular villas which are located close to the prestigious Hamilton Island Yacht Club.

Two other islands where you can stay overnight are Hayman and Daydream. The former is the northernmost island in the archipelago and is home to a large five star resort which can be reached by speedboat, helicopter or seaplane. Tiny Daydream Island, which is located close to the mainland, is home to a beautifully remodelled resort.

The world’s largest living organism – the Great Barrier Reef – is just a metaphorical stone’s throw away and many of the islands are surrounded by fringe reefs and vibrant coral gardens. Apart from dipping down under the surface of the water, the best way to see the reef – particularly it’s huge scale – is to take to the air. Heart Reef, which is one of the most recognisable of the many reefs in Australia if not the world, is located within easy reach of the Whitsundays. Nothing quite beats capturing this Valentine’s Day favourite on ‘film’ for yourself.

The Whitsundays are served by two main airports – the Whitsunday Coast Airport, which is located on the mainland close to the town of Proserpine, and the Great Barrier Reef airport on Hamilton Island. Other islands can be reached by boat, helicopter or one of our team and we will arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to the Whitsunday Islands.

Private jet charter and flights to Whitsunday Islands

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