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Private Jet Charter to Sion



Private jet charter and flights to Sion

Culture, history and awe-inspiring natural landscapes combine in beautiful Sion, capital of the Swiss Canton of Valais. The skyline is dominated by the twin hills and the centuries-old fortifications that perch on their peaks, while the Rhône River cuts through the heart of the city and a ring of snow-capped mountains forms an unforgettable backdrop. Experience it all and charter a private jet with Air Charter Service to Sion.

It’s impossible to talk about the French-speaking city of Sion without focusing on the two hills which rise dramatically from an otherwise flat, glacier-carved valley floor. The northernmost and highest of the two has long been used as strategic vantage point, thanks to its almost unobstructed views of the surrounding region. It’s home to the ruins of the majestic Chateau de Tourbillon, which was built for the Bishop of Sion between the late 13th and early 14th Centuries and later became the summer residence of the city’s prince-bishops. Today you can explore the ruins, which have been painstakingly restored since the castle was destroyed by a fire in 1788. It’s a bit of a hike up steep and winding steps, but the beautiful views over the city and mountains beyond are well worth the effort. Be sure to take in the surviving frescoes in the chapel (open May to November) and spend some time wandering around the grounds.

The Valère Basilica sits on top of the lower of the two hills and is more of a fortified church than a defensive castle, built in a mixture of early 12th-century Romanesque and later Gothic styles. Alongside the building’s Museum of History, the main attraction is the church’s organ, which is believed to be the oldest working organ in the world.

The city’s glorious Old Town sits back down at the foot of the two hills; a network of streets and alleyways lined with charming medieval buildings. Browse the independent shops and chocolatiers and explore the city’s Byzantine-style cathedral, Notre-Dame du Glarier. Stop by the town hall, Hôtel de Ville, with its elegant façade and astronomical clock; and admire the artefacts on display in the early 16th-century Maison Supersaxo. If you’re in town on a Friday, don’t miss the lively market, where you can shop for anything from fresh vegetables to vintage cowbells.

With its terraces cut into the hillside, the south-facing slopes of the valley may seem more Himalayan than Alpine. Rather than rice, the crop of choice here is grape vines – thanks to its sunny climate, the canton of Valais is one of Switzerland’s premier wine-producing regions. Man-made irrigation channels known as bisses bring fresh, nutrient-rich glacier meltwater to the terraces where varieties such as pinot noir, pinot gris and Shiraz are grown. An evening of fondue and Valais-grown wine is almost a Sion institution.

You’re never too far away from at least a few ski resorts in Switzerland, particularly in the mountain-covered south. Lesser-known Anèzre is the closest to the heart of Sion, reachable in just 20 minutes by road. However, it’s the proximity of famous resorts such as Verbier, Les 4 Vallees and Zermatt – all around an hour’s drive away – that make this such an attractive destination.

Aéroport de Sion is a lesser-known airport with a spectacular approach – only specially-trained pilots are permitted to land here. The airfield is just a few minutes from the centre of the city and around an hour from a few of Switzerland’s most famous mountain resorts. We have offices worldwide, so why not contact our team and we can arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Sion.



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